2015-2016 Competition

Day 1 - Practice and finishing

Day 2 - Qualification Round

Day 3 - End of Qualification Round

Competition Summary:

Team Spudnik attended the Northern Lights Regional competition in Duluth from March 3rd to March 5th of 2016. We traveled to Duluth on the 2nd, and arrived after a long bus ride to our hotel. The next day, several team members got up early to go with the bus to bring the robot and our supplies down to the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center where the competition was held. A couple hours later, the rest of the team joined them, and we got down to business. The first day of competition is entirely work time and practice. We spent most of the first day getting our shooting mechanism working. In addition, we fixed a couple small issues with our bumpers, and confirmed that our program was working properly. Alongside all that work, we were able to get in several practice matches so our drivers could warm up. 

The next day, Friday, was the first day of actual competition matches. For this year's competition, Stronghold, teams compete in alliances (groups of 3 teams working together), as is standard in FIRST Robotics. What made Stronghold unusual was the scoring system: Teams earn points in a match by shooting balls into goals or crossing obstacles, but those points don't decide which teams make it to playoffs. Instead, that is determined by Championship Points. Teams earn a Championship Point for winning a match, as well as for crossing a certain number of obstacles, and for getting all their robots to the other end of the field after scoring several goals.